franka_ros 更新日志

0.10.0 - 2022-09-02

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • franka_example_controllers: Normalize rotations before usage

  • franka_example_controllers: Extend the teleop_joint_pd_example_controller with markers indicating leader and follower roles + consistently use leader and follower as robot names in the example.

  • franka_example_controllers: Don’t require MoveIt for move_to_start.launch

  • BREAKING franka_description: Refactor URDF files to also support FR3

  • franka_control: Introduce optional robot argument in the franka_control.launch launch file that chooses either the URDF for panda or fr3. This argument can also be used in the launch files of franka_examples. The default is “panda”.

0.9.1 - 2022-08-29

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • franka_example_controllers: Extend the teleop_joint_pd_example_controller with markers indicating leader and follower roles + consistently use leader and follower as robot names in the example.

  • franka_example_controllers: Extend the teleop_joint_pd_example_controller with a finite state machine that aligns the follower robot before starting to track the leader.

  • franka_example_controllers: Extend the teleop_joint_pd_example_controller with joint walls to actively avoid position or velocity limit violations.

  • franka_example_controllers: Fix namespacing of dynamic reconfigure node of cartesian impedance example controller

  • franka_control: Configurable arm_id in launch & config files

  • franka_description: URDF now contains $(arm_id)_linkN_sc links containing the capsule collision modules used for self-collision avoidance (MoveIt).

  • franka_description: Unit test suite for URDFs

  • franka_description: Make util.xacro be includable from other packages

  • franka_description: Add tcp_xyz & tcp_rpy offsets to specify a custom TCP for MoveIT’s $(arm_id)_manipulator move group

  • franka_control: franka_control.launch accepts xacro_args to pass down additional arguments to URDF

  • franka_gazebo: panda.launch accepts xacro_args to pass down additional arguments to URDF

  • franka_gazebo: Fix motion generator config respects arm_id

  • BREAKING: gripper_action goes now to the commanded gripper position when max_effort is zero

  • franka_gazebo: Drop script in favor of --wait-for TOPIC flag from controller_manager

  • franka_gazebo: Properly calculate inertial properties of world/stone/model.sdf

  • franka_gazebo: set_user_stop service to simulate User stop in Gazebo

  • franka_gazebo: error_recovery action similar to franka_control

  • BREAKING: franka_gazebo: Move services like set_EE_frame, set_K_frame … into franka_control namespace to be more consistent with real robot

0.9.0 - 2022-03-29

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • Added support for libfranka 0.9.0

  • BREAKING add base acceleration O_ddP_O (will for now always be {0,0,-9.81}) to FrankaState.msg

  • BREAKING add following errors to Errors.msg:

    • joint_move_in_wrong_direction

    • cartesian_spline_motion_generator_violation

    • joint_via_motion_generator_planning_joint_limit_violation

    • base_acceleration_initialization_timeout

    • base_acceleration_invalid_reading

  • franka_gazebo:

    • Add JointPosition and JointVelocity Interface

    • Fix: Robot now keeps position when no controller is running

    • joint_{position,velocity}_example controller are now available in franka_gazebo

0.8.2 - 2022-02-22

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • franka_gazebo:

    • Fix: homing action works again

    • Fix: move action can fail instead of blocking indefinitely

    • Fix: align behavior of grasping action with franka_gripper

    • Add joint_state_desired publisher

    • Add singularity warning if Jacobian becomes singular

    • Make /panda namespace optional

    • Make finger collisions primitive in franka_gazebo

    • Add ‘gravity_vector’ gravity ROS parameter to FrankaHWSim

    • Improve Gazebo ‘stone’ world objects

    • Introduce new tau_ext_lowpass_filter parameter for franka_gazebo to configure the filtering of tau_ext_hat_filtered

    • Add realistic hand/finger collision geometries to the Gazebo robot description

  • Fix: Allow interactive marker server to shut down if not initialized

  • No further ROS Kinetic support, since End-of-Life was in April 2021

  • Make position + orientation targets threadsafe in cartesian example controller

  • Add effort joint trajectory controller to be used by MoveIT

  • Fix “Failed to create robot simulation interface loader” bug when installing from APT

  • Add connected_to option to panda_gazebo.xacro macro, similar to panda_arm.xacro

  • Rename ns -> arm_id in hand.xacro macros to be consistent with the other xacro files

0.8.1 - 2021-09-08

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • franka_hw:

    • Add bool hasError() member function to FrankaCombinableHW

    • Only execute controller update in franka_combined_control_node when not in error state

    • Reset command buffer upon recover in FrankaCombinableHW

0.8.0 - 2021-08-03

Requires libfranka >= 0.8.0

  • franka_hw, franka_combinable_hw, franka_combined_hw: Added service interface to disconnect and reconnect when no controller is active. This allows mixing FCI- and DESK-based application without stopping the according hardware nodes.

  • BREAKING franka_hw, franka_combinable_hw method control() now is non-const to allow locking a mutex member variable.

  • BREAKING Change behavior of franka_msgs/SetEEFrame. Previously, this method would set the flange-to-end-effector transformation F_T_EE. This has been split up into two transformations: F_T_NE, only settable in Desk, and NE_T_EE, which can be set in franka_ros with SetEEFrame and defaults to the identity transformation.

  • Add F_T_NE and NE_T_EE to franka_msgs/FrankaState.

  • Franka Gazebo Integration: Now you can simulate Panda robots in Gazebo including:

    • gravity compensation

    • non-realtime commands like setEEFrame or setLoad

    • gripper simulation with the same action interface as franka_gripper

    • estimated inertias in the URDF

    • no need to change existing ROS controllers

    • only torque control supported in this version

  • Extract Model Library in abstract base class interface. This allows users to implement their own model.

  • BREAKING Remove panda_arm_hand.urdf.xacro. Use panda_arm.urdf.xacro hand:=true instead.

0.7.1 - 2020-10-22

Requires libfranka >= 0.7.0

  • franka_example_controllers: Added example for dual-arm teleoperation based on franka_combinable_hw.

  • franka_gripper: Made stopping on shutdown optional.

  • franka_hw: Added franka_control_services install instruction.

0.7.0 - 2020-07-15

Requires libfranka >= 0.7.0

  • BREAKING moved services and action from franka_control to franka_msgs.

  • BREAKING moved Service container from franka_control to franka_hw.

  • franka_example_controllers: Added example for dual-arm control based on franka_combinable_hw.

  • franka_description :

    • Added an example urdf with two panda arms.

    • BREAKING Updated collision volumes.

    • Removed invalid axis for joint8.

  • franka_hw:

    • Added hardware classes to support torque-controlling multiple robots from one controller.

    • Refactored FrankaHW class to serve as base class (e.g. for FrankaCombinableHW).

    • Added joint limits checking to FrankaHW which means parameterized warning prints when approaching limits.

    • Made initial collision behavior a parameter.

    • Added default constructor and init method to FrankaHW.

    • BREAKING moved parsing of parameters from control node to FrankaHW::init.

    • BREAKING made libfranka robot a member of FrankaHW.

    • Added missing return value to franka::ControllerMode stream operator function.

  • franka_control:

    • Added control node that can runs a FrankaCombinedHW to control mulitple Pandas.

    • Publish whole libfranka franka::RobotState in franka_state_controller.

  • franka_example_controllers:

    • Cartesian impedance example controller: Interpolate desired orientations with slerp and change orientation error to quaternion.

  • BREAKING Moved panda_moveit_config to ros-planning.

  • Added support for ROS Melodic Morenia.

  • Raised minimum CMake version to 3.4 to match libfranka.

  • Add rosparam to choose value of franka::RealtimeConfig.

  • Fix unused parameter bugs in FrankaModelHandle (#78).

  • Added (experimental) support for ROS Noetic Ninjemys.

0.6.0 - 2018-08-08

Requires libfranka >= 0.5.0

  • BREAKING Fixes for MoveIt, improving robot performance:

    • Fixed joint velocity and acceleration limits in joint_limits.yaml

    • Use desired joint state for move group

  • BREAKING Updated joint limits in URDF

  • BREAKING Fixed velocity, acceleration and jerk limits in franka_hw

  • BREAKING Start franka_gripper_node when giving load_gripper:=true to franka_control.launch

  • Allow to configure rate limiting, filtering and internal controller in franka_control_node

  • BREAKING FrankaHW::FrankaHW takes additional parameters.

  • BREAKING Enabled rate limiting and low-pass filtering by default (franka_control_node.yaml)

  • Publish desired joint state in /joint_state_desired

  • Removed effort_joint_trajectory_controller from default_controllers.yaml

  • Fixed a bug when switching between controllers using the same libfranka interface

0.5.0 - 2018-06-28

Requires libfranka >= 0.4.0

  • BREAKING Updated URDF:

    • Adjusted maximum joint velocity

    • Updated axis 4 hard and soft limits

0.4.1 - 2018-06-21

Requires libfranka >= 0.3.0

  • Added some missing includes to franka_hw

  • Add support for commanding elbow in Cartesian pose and Cartesian velocity interfaces

0.4.0 - 2018-03-26

Requires libfranka >= 0.3.0

  • BREAKING Removed arm_id and default robot_ip from launchfiles

  • BREAKING Changed namespace of franka_control controller manager

  • BREAKING Changed behavior of gripper_action for compatibility with MoveIt

  • Changes in panda_moveit_config:

    • Updated joint limits from URDF

    • Removed home poses

    • Fixed fake execution

    • Add load_gripper argument (default: true) to panda_moveit.launch

    • Conditionally load controllers/SRDFs based on load_gripper

    • Add gripper controller configuration (requires running franka_gripper_node)

  • Added mimic tag for gripper fingers to URDF and fixed velocity limits

0.3.0 - 2018-02-22

Requires libfranka >= 0.3.0

  • BREAKING Changed signatures in franka_hw::FrankaModelHandle

  • BREAKING Added epsilon parameters to franka_gripper/Grasp action

  • Added Collada meshes for Panda and Hand

  • Added missing dependencies to panda_moveit_config and franka_example_controllers

  • Fixed linker errors when building with -DFranka_DIR while an older version of ros-kinetic-libfranka is installed

  • Added gripper joint state publisher to franka_visualization

  • Moved example script to franka_example_controllers

0.2.2 - 2018-01-31

Requires libfranka >= 0.2.0

  • Catkin-related fixes for franka_example_controllers

  • Added missing <build_export_depend> for message_runtime

0.2.1 - 2018-01-30

Requires libfranka >= 0.2.0

  • Added missing dependency to franka_example_controllers

  • Lowered rotational gains for Cartesian impedance example controller

0.2.0 - 2018-01-29

Requires libfranka >= 0.2.0

  • Added missing run-time dependencies to franka_description and franka_control

  • Added tau_J_d, m_ee, F_x_Cee, I_ee, m_total, F_x_Ctotal, I_total, theta and dtheta to franka_msgs/FrankaState

  • Added new errors to franka_msgs/Errors

  • Updated and improved examples in franka_example_controllers

  • Fixed includes for Eigen3 in franka_example_controllers

  • Fixed gripper state publishing in franka_gripper_node

0.1.2 - 2017-10-10

  • Fixed out-of-workspace build

0.1.1 - 2017-10-09

  • Integrated franka_description as subdirectory

  • Fixed dependencies on libfranka

  • Fixed RViz config file paths

  • Added missing test_depend to franka_hw

  • Added missing CMake install rules

0.1.0 - 2017-09-15

  • Initial release